Dušan Knop

I am an assistant professor at Department of Theoretical Computer Science, Faculty of Information Technology, Czech Technical University in Prague. My research is focused on graph theory, parameterized complexity, structural parameters, and computational social choice.

Recent news

  • EASSS'23 (11-07-2023) We will host the EASSS summer school in 2023 EASSS'23.


AAMAS '23 (PC), AAAI '23 (PC), EUMAS '22 (PC), MFCS '22 (PC), MAPSP '22 (PC), IJCAI&ECAI '22 (PC), AAMAS '22 (PC), AAAI '22 (PC), IJCAI '21 (SPC), EUMAS '21 (PC), AAMAS '21 (PC), AAAI '21 (PC), IJCAI '20 (PC), EUMAS '20 (PC), AAMAS '20 (PC), AAAI '20 (PC), AAMAS '19 (PC), EUMAS '18 (PC),
Dušan Knop