Dušan Knop

I am an assistant professor at Department of Theoretical Computer Science, Faculty of Information Technology, Czech Technical University in Prague. My research is focused on graph theory, parameterized complexity, structural parameters, and computational social choice.

Recent news

  • Postdoc position available (20-05-2022) A postdoc position (for ~17 months) is available -- starting September 2022.
  • Lorentz Center (11-07-2022) I have been invited to a workshop Advanced Optimization for Social Choice.
  • Paper accepted to AAAI '22 (01-12-2021) A paper Hedonic Diversity Games: A Complexity Picture with More than Two Colors (co-authored with Thekla Hamm, Robert Ganian, Šimon Schierrech, Ondřej Suchý) has been accepted to the AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence


EUMAS '22 (PC), MFCS '22 (PC), MAPSP '22 (PC), IJCAI&ECAI '22 (PC), AAMAS '22 (PC), AAAI '22 (PC), IJCAI '21 (SPC), EUMAS '21 (PC), AAMAS '21 (PC), AAAI '21 (PC), IJCAI '20 (PC), EUMAS '20 (PC), AAMAS '20 (PC), AAAI '20 (PC), AAMAS '19 (PC), EUMAS '18 (PC),
Dušan Knop